Policies and Such

Sample Policy

I’m all about free stuff, books and wine, here at The Grape Gatsby, but I have some stringent policies around it.

In general, whether it’s a book or a bottle, the following is true when I review:

  • I may not like your wine/accessory/book or give it a good review. That’s the chance you take sending it out into the Internet.

  • I may not get to it right away but I will do my best.

  • I will always alert my readers when we are reviewing a sample or complimentary item or experience.

  • I will not take payment for posting a review of any sort.

The Ethics and Opinion Stuff

Wine and books are subjective. You may not agree with a thing we say, whether it’s about that cabernet or that book. Just because I like it doesn’t mean that you will, and vice versa. So explore and enjoy what you find – then let me know all about it!

I am an affiliate of Bookshop.org, so any books you see linked will take you there, and a purchase gets me a few pennies (literally). I’m also an unabashed devotee of my Kindle, so take that as you will.


Comments are sort of moderated. If I feel that your post is spam, not constructive, or borders on/is trollish, I will unpublish your comment. Feel free to criticize, but do it in a constructive adult manner, respecting other’s opinions. I believe in the “Bill & Ted Rule” here at The Grape Gatsby: Be Excellent to Each Other!

The Grape Gatsby promotes the responsible and legal consumption of alcoholic beverages. Don’t be stupid and don’t drive drunk.


Feel free to link to us in a text link and quote us. Don’t steal images or any type of content without links and/or attribution. (Be excellent to each other applies here too.)

The Grape Gatsby, My Wine Education, wine-girl.net, the Wine-Girl.net Rating Scale, the Bookish Rating Scale, and our personal images are copyright 2004-2022.


Make sense? Cool. I like ethics as much as I like books and wine!